Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sneak Peek...

I am very excited to show a sneak peek of my project that will be in the book Stash Happy: Felt published by Lark Books.  Watch for it at your favorite bookstore this fall!  For those of you who love simple projects, this hat comes together by sewing only one seam.  Another bonus:  it is made from a recycled wool sweater which is good for the environmentally friendly child. 

Speaking of... what do Curious George, recycling symbols and lottery tickets all have in common?  Today, my four year old son was in the back seat of our car when he exclaimed, "Look Mom!  You can recycle this!"  I looked back to see his shocked face staring down at a lottery ticket.  I was amazed.  

1)  The lottery marks their tickets with recycling symbols?  2)  My son recognized it??  3)  Where in the world did he learn that???

1)  Yes they do.  2)  Yes he did.  3)  Thanks PBS for running quality programming like Curious George!

Create moments, create learning, create excitement... even over recycling symbols.

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