Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Moments Captured

This weekend our family had a good friend from college come up and stay with us.  Recently returning from living in NYC, he had many new en devours, stories and thoughts to share.  Luckily some of the moments from his stay will not be left only to our memories.  Brian brought his camera... and oh, what a camera it was!  
Amazed with the quality of the photographs he took, I have asked Brian to share a bit about photography with us.  Read on... his advice may inspire you to start snapping a few pictures with whatever camera you have access to.

What camera do you use?
Canon 7d
How did you become interested in photography?
The first camera I used and still have is a Pentax k1000 film camera, a wedding gift my Mom received in the 70's. I remember it being kept on the third shelf in our kitchen cabinets, buried behind old greeting cards and decorative seasonal tins.  I remember there always being film in the refrigerator, a few rolls of bright yellow Kodak where the butter should have been. The incidental placement of these objects put the idea of photography in my mind long before I knew anything about cameras and film.
What do you like photographing the most?
 I find all subject matter interesting. In nature there is a light projected behind the objects, as if there was a source of illumination within each thing. I also like industrial architecture, even though it is often seen as the antithesis of nature, there is a type of force in buildings, something mathematical. People are always a challenge to photograph. The intentions of a person are made transparent by a good photographer. I often see people's entire lives unfold while photographing them, how they will look when they are older, how they looked when they were younger.  I have found that people appear to others not as they see themselves in their own mind, but how in a moment their entire life is present.

What is your best photography tip?
Be in the moment.

What advice would you tell someone who is shopping for a quality camera?
Perfect your technique, learn how to compose great photos with a cellphone camera and go from there. 


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