Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mail Bag! (a.k.a. The Comment Box)


Earlier this month, Blythe asked, 
"Can you do something on cute, classy, and inexpensive ideas 
for decorating rather boring walls? 
I've got that dilemma and I think you could help!"

This idea is fairly inexpensive - and it is useful, too!

You can purchase any type of vinyl saying or greeting from sellers online or even at a local store.  Follow the directions that accompany your purchase which explain the application process.

Usually, you can find buckets at craft stores and they are often painted in fun colors, too.  You can personalize each bucket with vinyl cut by a Cricut, but stickers or paint pens would work great, too.  

Purchase your oak board along with the hooks and their hardware at your hardware store.  These hooks were actually found in the shelving area and were meant to be decorative shelf holders.  

Not only is this a fun decoration for your house but it is useful too.  The buckets keep each member of your family organized by making a home for wallets, keys, cell phones and other small items.  

Here is another idea...

 We have started to frame photo booth picture strips.  Every time we see a booth we stop in, act goofy and carefully pack away our freshly printed treasure until we get home.  Although they do a beautiful job, to save money in the framing process we only get our mats cut at the frame shop and purchase our frames from a discount store.

  The framing shop I went to was kind enough to cut only the mat and we mounted the pictures inside.  So far, our collection consists of three strips since our kids were born.  However, we plan on having a wall filled with these collages of memories as the years roll along.

Friday, June 17, 2011


In honor of Brian, who won last Friday's giveaway, today's theme is "dinosaurs."  
Here are a few cute ideas...

Dino Box Stomp

Save your Kleenex boxes, paint them green and attach toenails made from construction paper, felt, or other such material.  You will have one stompin' good time!  This idea is from Rockabye Butterfly at:

Dinosaur Tails

Ever feel like roaring at the world?  Just imagine if you had a dinosaur tail to aid in your wild act.  
I guess kids might like these, too.

Jessica from Running with Scissors was featured on 
craftzine with this fun idea.  Check it out:

Dinosaur Sweatshirt
I love this idea from Ginger and George.  
It is sure to be your little one's favorite, too.  
They can wear it for dress-up and 
it is cute enough to wear out and about.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Creating Play Dough

We went to our play dough stash this morning to discover that it was pretty crusty.  It was time for a refresh.  My mom had found this recipe and made it for me and my sister when we were little.  It makes great dough, only takes a moment to mix up and it lasts for years.  Yes... years.  The last time I made my son a batch was three years ago.

It is squishy, colorful, and the perfect way to keep the kids occupied.  

Here is what you need:

1 c. flour
1 c. water
1/2 c. salt
1 T. cream of tartar
1 T. cooking oil
food coloring

Here is what the recipe says:

Mix together in a pan and cook on high, stirring constantly.  Remove from heat when play dough reaches correct consistency.  Cool.  Add food coloring and kneed it in until you reach the desired shade.  Keep stored in airtight container.  

This recipe does not work well if doubled.
This is the best recipe for homemade play dough we've tried.
It's also fun to add extract for scent.

This is the consistency when it is first on the stove.

It will quickly firm up.  
Remove it from the stove when you like the consistency.

Divide the play dough and add your food coloring

That is some intense rolling...and a morning of fun!

And the winner is...

Brian!  Congratulations Johns you will receive a $10 Amazon gift card to spend on dinosaurs!  In honor of your big win, I will try to make a dinosaur themed post soon.  In fact, there will be a post dedicated to each response given.  Thanks everyone for commenting!  I love hearing from you.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Blog Giveaway!

So, let's here from you!  

Fill in the blank:

In my life, I love creating ______________ .

Tell us your answer below in the "Post a Comment" area.
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A $10 gift card to Amazon!

Good luck my friends.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Creating a Container Garden with Sydney's Green Garden

There is a new kit in town... Sydney's Green Garden 

Here is why I love it:

* It takes all of the work out of selecting the seeds that will work well in our area
* It is on our porch and therefore out of the reach of our neighborhood deer herd
*  The containers are sturdy and won't crack or fade
*  The kit is the product of a local family who has a daughter,
Sydney, who now loves gardening and eating her vegetables
because of her involvement with her dad's container garden
* The instructions told me exactly what to plant, where, and when to plant them
*I love traditional gardening but I have such limited space in our backyard

I planted the cold weather crop seeds on May 15th
and the plants are coming up like crazy on May 31st
I woke up surprised to see we had received an inch of rain.
Now I don't have to water this morning.
I love spinach!
This crop will grow so fast the kit says to harvest  it
and plant a new vegetable halfway through the summer.
At a local gardening class, I learned to plant anywhere.
I planted the extra pea seeds in planters below the porch.
Pea plants love to climb so the lattice works well.
And they are on their way!

Although not included in the kit,
here is a bloom that opened this morning.

Thanks Sharon and Jay for the great birthday gift!  

For more information about Sydney's Green Garden visit: