Friday, June 17, 2011


In honor of Brian, who won last Friday's giveaway, today's theme is "dinosaurs."  
Here are a few cute ideas...

Dino Box Stomp

Save your Kleenex boxes, paint them green and attach toenails made from construction paper, felt, or other such material.  You will have one stompin' good time!  This idea is from Rockabye Butterfly at:

Dinosaur Tails

Ever feel like roaring at the world?  Just imagine if you had a dinosaur tail to aid in your wild act.  
I guess kids might like these, too.

Jessica from Running with Scissors was featured on 
craftzine with this fun idea.  Check it out:

Dinosaur Sweatshirt
I love this idea from Ginger and George.  
It is sure to be your little one's favorite, too.  
They can wear it for dress-up and 
it is cute enough to wear out and about.


  1. Wow, I'll definitely be saying "kids you're not leaving the house without your tail!" (if and when)

  2. Love your blog Mary! I actually update mine now! Julie showed me what to do! It's