Monday, April 18, 2011

Treasures from the Past

As I drifted to sleep in my grandma's bed, I would memorize what hung on her walls in the warm lamplight.  The collage of smaller friendship and "mom plaques" hung to the right of her closet, a picture of a bare tree blowing in the wind with a quote written in German hung above Grandpa's side of the bed, and this branch with youthful leaves was above her dresser.

I now have that branch. It is nice to have reminders of the kind, gentle, generous, and reliable woman who shaped so many of my warm memories of childhood.  

Yes, it was hard to find just the right spot for the branch in our house as the style is not something that fits perfectly into our decor.  However, our bathroom is done in many shades of green and leaves to make it feel like you are outdoors.  That is where I hung this piece but I wanted to give it a more modern feel.  I cut a stencil of the word "Believe" with my Cricut and painted it with dark taupe wall paint. 

Sometimes our decorations can be so cookie cutter with the stock pieces of art we hang on our walls.  It is nice to tell a story with items that are meaningful... items that are treasures from our past that tell who we are.

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