Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wool Earrings?

With the great selection of jewelry making supplies at most craft stores, you can make beautiful creations that are exactly your taste at a very low cost.  But really...wool earrings?  Absolutely!  (It fits my taste - I love felted wool!)

Wool Roving
Felting Needle
3/4 Inch Head Pins
4mm Jump Rings
Earring Hooks
Jewelry Pliers

Start by placing a small amount of wool roving on your sponge and gently stab it all around until it starts to take the shape of a ball.  Add more wool roving and continue this process to make the ball your desired size.  The more tightly your ball is felted the better so it doesn't slip off the head pin.

Once you have made two similar sized wool balls, take your head pins and push one through each center. With your jewelry pliers, begin to turn the very tops of the head pins to form a hook.  Slide on jump rings and finish turning the hooks you formed until the loops are closed.  You can add as many jump rings as you would like to add length to your earrings.  Finally, attach your earring hooks at the top in the same manner that you added the jump rings.  Make sure all openings in the rings, hooks, and pins are closed and you are done!

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