Monday, May 30, 2011

The Fridge Museum

The fridge is our family's museum.  It houses artwork that is far more special to me than any famous work could be.  Here is a way for your aspiring artists to hang their works of art.

Scissor or Paper Cutter
Miniature Clothespin
Super Glue

Grab an old magnet and measure what size it is.  Use PowerPoint to make a text box that is of the same dimensions.

Find a background that you like on a free site or take pictures of your favorite fabric or paper.  Insert the picture and crop it to the size of the text box.  The background I used is actually a picture of two bolts of complimentary fabric stacked on top of each other.

Next, write what you would like the message to be.  Highlight the text box, right click and choose to send the text to the front so that it shows up in front of your picture.  Make sure your text color will stand out from the design of the picture.

Print this and cut it out using a scissor or paper cutter.

If you have a laminating machine, laminate your design.  Fridges can often be in the line of fire when juice and other sloppy items go falling to the floor. Trim the excess laminating plastic away.

Super glue your design to the magnet and as a final step, glue your clothespin on top.  Let your project dry and you have a great gift or display for your own future Van Gogh.

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