Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Guitar Hero

After watching numerous sessions of air guitar during our impromptu family living room dance parties, I decided it was time for my little guitar hero to have something more.  This shirt was my solution.   Goodbye air... hello guitar.

Black, White, and Beige Eco-Fi Felt (it is washable)
Sewing Machine
Black and White Thread
Washable Fabric Glue

Just by looking at this shirt, many of you can recreate it.
However, here are the steps I took if you would like a few tips.

I bought a t-shirt to fit my son and washed and dried it.  Then I searched Google Images to find a simple picture of a guitar.  I drew the shapes free-hand onto the felt with a marker and cut them out.  However, if you aren't comfortable with doing this, print your picture and blow it up on a copier multiple times.  Cut out the different shapes and use them as stencils.

As I placed each layer down, I used washable fabric glue on the back.  When it was dry, I machine stitched inside the outer edge on the big pieces.  Then I went on to the next layer.  When layering the small pieces, I hand stitched them for more control.  For the final touch, I machine stitched the strings using black thread.

Warning:  If this shirt is made for dad... watch out for spontaneous unplugged versions of "We're Not Gonna Make It" and "Pour Some Sugar On Me."


  1. Fantastic idea!! I do know of an adult I'd like to make one for!!

  2. You should make it for them! That would be great!