Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cuckoo for Tutus!

When I young, I remember how seriously I took my dancing as I wiggled and jumped in front of the dark glass on the oven, seeing my reflection.  Then at night, the windows became my mirror.  I believed that I was a world-class ballerina and people all around were clambering to see my secret performances.

Every little girl needs a tutu as they grand jete and sout de chat their tiny tushies around the house.  Here are easy instructions to make a dreamy tutu for your little one.

3-6 Yards of Tulle (One or Multiple Colors)
Sewing Machine

I need to give credit to the source of inspiration for these projects, so today's idea is brought to you by my neighbor and friend, Brianne.

Measure the waist of your ballerina and add 2".  This is the length of the elastic you will need.  I used 1" wide elastic.  To secure the band together, overlap the elastic ends by 1".  Sew a square over this overlap as shown below.
If you would like a short ballerina skirt (which is a good length for little girls) cut along the fold of your tulle so you have two pieces.  For longer skirts, do not make this cut.  

You can cut long 3" strips with a scissor or rotary cutter.  But, here is a trick to make one quick, uniform snip for each strip.  Cut your tulle into 1 yard sections and roll them up.  With a yardstick as your guide, make a cut at every 3" mark.

Tie the strips to the elastic using whatever type of knot you prefer.  Just stay consistent.  When you have tulle knotted to cover all of the elastic, you are done.  

Let the leaps and twirls begin!  

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