Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Crazy Cute Baby's Hat

It is hard to get any shopping done when you are out with your baby.  There are the numerous fallen nuk retrievals followed by a quick sanitizing... and the switching of outfits due to a sudden outburst of one kind or another. However, I found most side-tracking came from the random stops of adoring strangers.

Don't expect the shopping to go any quicker with this hat on your little girlie. Be sure to allow extra time for all the "oohs" and "ahhs".

Felted Sweater (Can be Substituted with Fleece, etc.)
Sewing Machine

As you know, I love the look of felted sweaters and I have a stash already felted for projects such as these.  However, you can substitute in fleece or any other warm material.  I saw someone who had knit and sewn two (unused) dishcloths together for a similar hat.

Cut two 8" x 6" rectangles from your material.  If you are using a felted sweater, your edges won't unravel so you can cut from the bottom edge of the sweater but you do not have to.  With right sides together sew a 1/4" seam just as the picture below shows leaving 1" that is not sewn on either side.

Flip your piece right-side out and sew the two 1" sections.  Now your seams will not show when you flip up the cuff on the hat.  Go ahead, flip up that cuff!  

Now for the embellishments.  I used wool yarn to add a loose stitch around the top of the cuff not only to add some detail but to secure it in place.  Then, I attached two bows by hand-sewing them on each corner.  I also added little pieces of yarn with knots at the ends to add some extra pizazz.  

Almost There...
Thanks to each of you for following Mary's Makings!  We are almost up to a group of 20 people!  Hooray!  Remember, if you happen to be the person who refers the 20th person, you will receive the Boutique Barrette and they will receive the "thankful" scrabble decoration.

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