Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Quick Coasters... So Simple!

I love the look of felted wool.  If you are like me, you will enjoy today's quick and easy project.  Since this type of  wool will not unravel, there is no sewing involved.

Do you have left overs from making the felted sweater wreath?  If so, skip the "Felting Instructions" and go right to "Coaster Instructions."

Felted Wool
Rotary Cutter, Guide and Mat (or Scissors)

Felting Instructions:  
Throw your sweater in your washer along with a tiny bit of mild soap. Set your washer to the hottest water setting. Throw in dryer balls, tennis balls, an old pair of shoes, or an old pair of jeans... anything to create agitation. Let your washer do the work! Stay close during this process to check on the progress of your sweater. Sometimes the process will take 10 minutes and sometimes it  will take 30 minutes (just keep sending your sweater through until the fibers felt together.) Even though your felting should be complete just from the washer alone - you can send your sweater through the dryer so you can get going on this project sooner.

Coaster Instructions:
Cut 4" x 4" squares from your sweater where there are no seams.  If there is a pattern in the sweater and you would like your coasters to match, try to cut your squares where the pattern repeats.  That is it!  Easy schmeasy!

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