Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fuzzy Little Ducking

Have you tried needle felting wool?  Its like sculpting with wool roving (wool that hasn't been spun into yarn).  Even though the barbed needle is very scary and can go right through your finger you have a lot of control over the placement of the fibers.

Felting Needles, Tool and Foam
White Styrofoam Ball
Yellow Roving
Orange Roving
Black Wool Yarn or Roving
Felting Needle 
Needle Felting Tool
Piece of Foam

Cut your foam ball in half.  Take one piece and cover it with yellow roving.  Secure it in place by punching it with your needle felting tool.  Watch your fingers!

After there is no foam showing, roll a piece of yellow roving and begin to form a ball with the needle felting tool. Do not over felt this ball - it is okay to have the roving a little loose.  To make the head larger or a different shape, add more roving and continue to punch it in place.

Set this ball where you want the head to be and attach it by stabbing your felting needle around the base of the ball into the Styrofoam body.

Make two wings by shaping the yellow roving on the foam block.  Once you like the shape of the wings place them on the back of your duck and attach them with your felting tool.

Next, sculpt a bill by shaping the orange roving on the foam block into an oval shape.  Then, fold the oval in half and needle felt the bottom of one side together as shown.

Form an Oval
Fold and Needle Felt Bottom of One Side

Attach the bill to the duck by stabbing the end of the bill to the duck's face.  (Sounds brutal doesn't it?)  If you have black roving , attach two small pieces just above the bill.  Or, you can make two knots out of black wool yarn, cut the ends and needle felt the knots in place for the eyes.

Congratulations, you have just created a little fuzzy ducking!

If you would like to purchase this duck, it is confused and is migrating up the North Shore to Sweat Peas in Two Harbors, MN tomorrow morning.  You can catch his flock there or on my Etsy site,

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