Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bookmarks that Don't Budge

If you are like me, when you lose your spot in a book you spend too much time rereading chapters. Make sure you don't lose your spot with these bookmarks that don't budge.

Bookmark Instructions:
Your local craft store will have hair clips that are covered with ribbon saving you from messing around with your glue gun and receiving minor burns.

Stack two pieces of felt on top of each other. Cut any shape that you desire. (You can free-hand your shapes or print, cut, and trace Microsoft Word's Auto Shapes for templates.)

Add a button or two for embellishment to one of the felt pieces. While placing your button(s), be sure to allow enough room for the following step.

With embroidery floss, stitch around the inside of the shapes knotting the floss at the beginning of your stitching and at the end.

Glue your shape to the clip with a glue-gun (okay, okay... your safety was only guaranteed for a little while... here come the burns) or tacky glue.

Carrot Green Instructions:
Cut a rectangle from green felt that is approximately 1.5"x 3". Make cuts from one side of the rectangle leaving about 1/2" at the bottom that is uncut. Roll up this rectangle and secure all layers by sewing back and forth through the bottom of the greens. This bunch can now sit between the two felt pieces that are cut like carrots. Glue or sew it in place and continue with the steps above. (Notice that the carrot is glued on the clip lower than the other examples shown. This provides stability for the long shape. It will sit further down in the pages of your book.)


  1. P.S. Would anyone like one of these bookmarks? The first four people to follow this site will receive one. Welcome to Mary's Makings!

  2. I love it!!! Especially that Mr. "blogging is for losers" is your biggest fan. Can't wait to be inspired so I can retreat to my OWN dark corner in the basement.....I think Steve may have been trying to keep up with Troy when he insisted on making me my own space for creating. Following you here will hopefully help control some of my withdrawal symptoms. :)

  3. Joolee,

    I love it... :)

    I didn't know Steve made a crafting area for you. What a guy! So, how is it? Every couple of weeks I can't make my way through my little dungeon, so I clean it all up and start in on making the mess once again.