Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beautiful Blooms

Want a beautiful bloom to spice up your tote, coat, or hat?  Here is a fun way to use some of the scraps from your felted sweaters (see the "Quick Coasters:  So Simple!" post for sweater felting instructions).  Each time you create one, it will be unique from any other.  

Felted Sweater(s)
Brooch Pin

Start by cutting your pieces.  When cutting petals, start with 5 but feel free to add more for additional layers.  On this particular flower, I cut the edging around the neck of the sweater and used it for the center of the flower. 

Cut a circle for the back of your flower as shown in the picture below.  

Begin arranging and sewing your petals to the circle.  Over time and with use, the petals will have a tendency to flop over so make sure you secure them tightly.  

Roll the neck edging into a spiral sewing through the spiral to make sure it stays in place.  Sew it to the center of the flower.  If you would prefer, sew a button in the middle instead of the spiral.

Sew the pin on the back of your flower and  you are done!

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  1. I wore the heck out of that cheery yellow flower you gave me before we moved. Such a happy little reminder of a wonderful friend.