Monday, February 21, 2011


Want a festive way to decorate for your next celebration? Here is a fun and easy way to make banners (inspired by one very creative and close friend who throws parties we will never forget... thanks Joolee!)

Scraps of Felt or Felt Sheets
Ribbon (Length depends on length of banner)
Sticky Felt Letters
Rotary Cutter and Mat (or Scissors)
Tacky Glue

I purchased felt sheets at Michael's and their selection includes printed designs as well as solid colors.  They also carry the felt letters with adhesive on the back.

I made a quick sketch to the left to explain the following paragraph.  I started by cutting the big triangles out of each style of felt at 45 degree angles and a 6 inch height.  Then I cut the small triangles, again using a 45 degree angle, with a 5 inch height.

Peel off the backing on the sticky letters and apply them to the small triangles.  Then glue the small triangles to the big triangles.  You can match up your colors and patterns on the triangles in any pattern you desire.  I tried to be as random as possible with mine.

When the glue dries, cut holes in the top corners of the large triangles and string your ribbon from the front to the back and back out the front again on each triangle.  Tie a 5" piece of ribbon in between each triangle.  This is a perfect way to use up your stash of scrap ribbon.

By the way, you can make this project from paper, too!

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