Saturday, March 19, 2011

Make Your Own Notebook

I ran across a great way to create a personalized notebook on "the crafting" and had to share it with you.  These chicks know what they are chirping about!  The tool they are using,  the cinch,  is going on my wish-list!  Check it out!

Crafting Chick's Notebook

They used a cereal box (way to reduce, re-use, recycle!) but you could also use a greeting card with a message you love, a photo printed on heavy card stock, or even cardboard with material glued on.  The possibilities are endless...

So Close...
Thank you to those of you who are following this blog!  We are so close to having 20 official followers.  For those of you who haven't hit the "follow" button on this site: do it!  It won't hurt I promise.  If you are lucky number 20 you will receive the "thankful" scrabble rack from the "Calling All Scrabble Lovers" post (to show that I am thankful for all of you.)  What is in it for you?  If the 20th person tells me that they were referred by you, you will receive the April Showers Bring May Flowers:  Boutique Barrette.  Stay tuned and have fun spreading the word!

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